GoGo Jersey Lottery Detail
Lottery NameNov.04 - Win A Free Jersey  GO TO Win
Guss Start Time2017-10-30 00:00
Guss End Time2017-11-04 00:00
Show Result Time2017-11-04 20:00
Win RuleThe win number is one of the 1st , 3rd or 6th three numbers of the "Brazil Mega-Sena lottery" result
RewardYou can get a free jersey if you buy 3 pcs or more jersey.
Details Of Lottery

How Can I Win The Award

Step 1. Guss a number from our system between the guss start time and the guess end time.

Step 2. System will show the win numbers. For fairness, the win numbers are the 1st , 3rd and the 6th three numbers of the period on Saturday (Nov.04 20:00:00) "Brazil Mega-Sena lottery draws" result. We use the result base on this site: http://loterias.caixa.gov.br/wps/portal/loterias/landing/megasena/

Step 3. You will win the reward if your guess number in the win 3 numbers.

Step 4. Please contact Robert( WhatsApp: +86 153 6069 5484) must with the whatsapp number of the winner account that register in. And tell me the jersey what you want.

Step 5. Done